Chelsia Ng on How to Stay Happy and Worry Less

When actress-singer Chelsia Ng is asked about her mantra in life, she quips with glee: “Worry less and always stay connected to the ones you love!” 

Right from the moment she enters the studio for her interview and shoot with myeppo, Chelsia is a ball of joyous energy; her positivity is positively infectious.

The Penang-born beauty entered the world of entertainment over a decade ago, and she has certainly come a long way. She has recorded an album, acted in theatre, movies and on television – and she’s not done yet.  

In 2013, Chelsia released her album Here With You. “The title track, which is my favourite, is a lullaby I wrote one night in my room when I was home in Penang for a break,” says the former student of SMK Convent Pulau Tikus. “Home can have many different meanings to different people. For me, it is my family and Penang.”

In 2014, she made her acting debut in homegrown English sitcom Kopitiam. In 2018, Chelsia impressed moviegoers with her role in award-winning Hokkien movie You Mean The World To Me

In 2020, she poked fun at the controversy surrounding the Malaysian Women and Family Ministry’s ‘Household Happiness’ posters, which encouraged women to talk like Japanese cartoon Doraemon and giggle if they want their husbands to do housework at home. Chelsia’s parody video instantly went viral on social media. 

“For every content creator, you hope for your video to go viral. But this time around, I didn’t plan it,” recalls Chelsia, who has over 16K followers on Instagram (@chelsiang). “I woke up, saw the news article and I was laughing. At that point, what can you do but laugh? It was so ridiculous. But my posting obviously struck a nerve. It was exciting as I never had a video that went so viral before.” 

Presently the multi-talented artist can be seen in Viu’s Keluarga Baha Don and will next star in an English-Malay telemovie.

What was the biggest lesson learnt during the pandemic?

Last year was tough. A lot of my gigs were cancelled. But we survived, didn’t we? The biggest lesson for me was in finding out that worry gets you nowhere. We should focus positive energy on ourselves. I got into the groove of just living and not worry about paying my bills. When I focus on music and writing in my journal and working out, I realised that things started to happen even during the pandemic. I got by, and I am really thankful.

As a public figure, how important is social media to you?

It is very important as I am able to stay connected to friends and family, many of whom are in Penang. Right now, I enjoy making Hokkien tutorial videos to encourage more people to speak the dialect. Hokkien is very unique as it encompasses Malay and English. I am a huge advocate of the Penang dialect. 

Away from work, what forms of wellness do you indulge in?

At home, I follow YouTube videos on floor exercises and crutches. I like to be amidst nature so I go out running and hiking a lot. I used to go to bed at 6am, now I wake up at 6am! It’s a huge difference. I drink a lot of water, laugh a lot and stay healthy. I am so grateful to have a strong group of girlfriends that keep me sane. I also go to Sliq Facials regularly for facial treatments.

What are your goals for the rest of 2021?

I want to continue to make parody videos, I enjoy making people laugh. It keeps me occupied and focused, and in a creating mode. Just focus on what you do best. If you don’t have work, create work.


Photography and video: Aqalili Azizan and Quek Chun Leng
Makeup: Holika Holika

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