Phei Yong Shares his Secrets to Social Media Success

Phei Yong by Bell & Ross

It is no laughing matter how Phei Yong has risen to the top of his game. With close to 700K subscribers on his YouTube channel, he is undeniably Malaysia’s king when it comes to creating content. 

Before he was thrust into the limelight, Phei Yong worked steadily as a radio deejay in MY FM since winning a DJ competition. Thanks to his boyish good looks, fun-loving persona and humorous videos, Phei Yong is now a much sought-after influencer, with over 740K followers on Instagram (@pheiyong).

To further cement his star status, Phei Yong was announced as a “friend” of Bell & Ross. The visuals featured here are courtesy of the luxury timepiece brand.

In the following Q&A, Phei Yong displays an uncanny shrewdness towards entrepreneurship. He also opens up about his grooming routine and method of keeping fit during the pandemic…. 

What attracted you to become a ‘friend’ of Bell & Ross?

I believe that, like most people out there, I was truly impressed when I first came across a Bell & Ross instrument. I was completely attracted to Bell & Ross to its outstanding and unique design. When I get to know the brand more, I fell in love with it even more. 

I see a lot of common values between Bell & Ross and myself. To me, it is a brand that is bold in its design, inspiration and ideas. It constantly pushes boundaries and challenge itself creatively. It always surprises me with new novelties. My latest obsession is BR 05 Chrono and I am truly in love with this entire range of products! 

As a veteran YouTuber, what’s your advice for those who want to follow in your footsteps?

Do it with courage! Time and tide wait for no man; you’ll miss the opportunity if you’re still stalling. I started working as a radio DJ in MY FM in 2015, then created my YouTube channel two years later. I found that YouTube is another way of sharing your thoughts as well as spreading happiness to the audience. 

As a Youtuber or content creator, the most important thing is to have “social responsibility”. YouTube is like a double-edged sword; it’s a platform where you can have your freedom of speech, but it can cause negativity if you misuse them. On top of that, be mentally prepared for haters or bad comments from anonymous people.

What’s the secret to social media success?

I believe in this mantra: ‘Content is always the king!’ Nowadays, it’s very easy to become popular or go viral if you have any sensational or negative content. Do think twice before you start a career as YouTuber; ask yourself whether you want to maintain the sustainability of your channel. To be honest, 70% of my videos are sponsored content or product placement. 

Everybody asks me how I could manage to get so many sponsorships; it’s because I love to do something that others have not done before. Content is all about being creative. So, you have should have a very clear position for your channel, like my channel is all about funny, humorous and interesting content.

What is your grooming routine like?

Due to the nature of my work, I have to put on a lot of makeup and for fairly long hours. You can imagine how damaging it can be for my skin. Therefore, I ensure that I cleanse my skin thoroughly every day, to remove all traces of makeup. After that, I will follow the usual routine of toner and moisturiser.

What form of exercise do you like the best?

When we are permitted to exercise outdoors, I prefer that the best. And if I have to choose, basketball is always my first choice!

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