Weiron Tan Wants To Be Fast & Furious (& Fit)

At the tender age of 13, Weiron Tan was introduced to go-karts. His father brought him and his siblings to the Shah Alam Stadium Circuit, and Weiron was spotted by the circuit owner. Weiron was persuaded to pursue motorsport further and the rest, as they say, is history.

As a professional racing driver, Weiron has gone on to achieve great success. At only 26, he has chalked up significant milestones – from being a World Endurance Championship (WEC) race winner to his introduction into the Hall of Fame of the Motorsports Association of Malaysia by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. His WEC win made history for being the first ever all-Asian line-up, along with Jazeman Jaafar and Nabil Jeffri.

“Presently my racing career is put on hold, until international borders are re-opened and we can travel again,” says Weiron, who recently extended his contract with watch brand Corum. He has not allowed the pandemic to halt his momentum; in fact, Weiron is now on the fast and furious track to becoming an entrepreneur.

“The pandemic was good and bad, in a way. It gave me an opportunity to venture into business. The downside was I couldn’t continue as a racing driver. Not being able to travel felt weird. When you’re used to flying all the time to being stuck at home … but it meant that I could spend more time with the family, which is nice,” he muses. 

During the shoot with myeppo, Weiron tried out the TLC Skin Clearing DIY Kit from AsterSpring, comprising Dermalogica products. He opens up about his business ventures and more in the following Q&A….

What projects are you currently busy with?

I am now the Malaysian distributor for Airinum, an advanced N95 mask from Sweden. Face masks will be around for some time to come. Apart from Covid-19, our world is becoming more polluted. Breathing good quality air is important for longevity and lifestyle. 

I am also engaged in a big project with Aston Martin Racing. We are the exclusive distributor and technical support partner in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and the Southeast Asia region.

How do you achieve a work-life balance?

I miss balancing my fitness routine with working hard. Recently, it’s been all about work so I have been spending too much time in the office. Due to that and a poor diet, I developed gastric. So now I try to exercise more, to achieve a good work-life balance. I am a workaholic by nature so I don’t mind the workload but I have to take better care of myself.

Away from work, what forms of wellness do you indulge in?

My brother and I do yoga at home. I also enjoy HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts you can do at home that require only a small space and no equipment. I also like to go for a run with my dogs, which we adopted during the MCO.

What is your grooming routine like?

I am a little too simple and easy going. My wife Rena is always reminding me to do facial mask or apply sunblock before going out.

What advice would you give to those who want to follow in your footsteps?

It doesn’t matter what you want to venture into. If you have the desire and determination to do something, just put in 100% and make it work. Do not give up and go for it. There will be naysayers and you just have to prove them wrong.

What are your goals for the rest of 2021?

For the rest of the year, we are fully focused on Aston Martin Racing and growing motorsports in Asia. We also hope to grow the Airinum brand in Malaysia. I am still an athlete by nature, so hopefully I can go back to racing again.


Photography and video: Aqalili Azizan and Quek Chun Leng
Wardrobe: UNIQLO
Hair: Albert Nico
Makeup: Aqalili Azizan, using Kevyn Aucoin
Skincare: Dermalogica by AsterSpring

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