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Eid-citing Raya

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Maggie Yue

Founded in 2019, Axis-Y is dedicated to clean beauty. Maggie is committed to using safe, natural ingredients to create top-quality products

Beauty of Joseon

Lee Sumin

Founded in 2010, blends ancient Korean beauty rituals with modern technology; drawing inspiration from the Donguibogam to craft Beauty of Joseon.


Lee Ji Eun

Empowered by passion for vegan beauty, Lee Ji Eun founded Some By Mi in 2016 after researching the rising demand for natural, organic & vegan skincare.

ZarZou Beauty

Zulaikha Rosli

Founded by Zulaikha Rosli on August 1, 2019 during her pursuit of ACCA. Despite the niche being in contrast to her academic background, she discovered a deep passion for skincare along the way.


Rachel Parsonage & Lorna Mitchell

Noughty was founded in 2016 by Rachel & Lorna who have been friends for over twenty years back when the sun-in highlights, terrible perms & fizzy fringes were the hairstyles of dreams.

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