10 Daily Habits for Long Lustrous Hair

It’s 8 am in the morning, and your hair looks like a disaster. At this point, you have a choice: continue the path that makes your hair miserable, or try to make amends with it by changing a few daily habits. Here, we explore a holistic approach to growing beautiful tresses.

1. Address that Stress 

Research by the Mayo Clinic reports that premature hair-loss conditions are related to high-stress levels. Take up some yoga, meditation and breathing exercises daily to reduce stress and increase the production of endorphins in your body. 

2. Drink Lots of Water

Dehydration stunts hair growth. Worse, when hair isn’t hydrated, it will split and become brittle. When you drink water, it triggers the scalp’s energy to run to your hair’s end. When your roots are hydrated, it will also eliminate problems like dandruff.

3. Eat Right

Your hair needs vitamins C, B and E to grow strong and healthy. Vitamin C builds collagen, the skin’s connective tissue found in hair follicles. B vitamin promotes healthy skin and hair, while Vitamin E contains the antioxidants your body needs for a healthy scalp. If you’re not getting enough of these vitamins through your food, talk to your doctor about getting supplements. 

4. Wash with Cold Water

Once a week, deep-condition your hair by letting it sit in a shower cap for a few hours. Then, wash it out with cold water to seal moisture in the hair. Cold water keeps your scalp hydrated, closes the pores, and prevents dirt and excessive oil from entering the scalp. If you wash your hair daily, rinse it with cold water.

5. Ditch the heat tools

Your hair can become dry from excessive use of heat tools. Use leave-in hair conditioners and treatments to repair and grow your hair while doing heatless hairstyles. Skip the hair iron and hairdryer and let your hair air dry as much as possible.

6. Don’t Towel Dry

When you wring your hair or squeeze it too hard with a towel, it can worsen split ends or create small craters on the hair shaft. Instead, apply natural styling products to give your hair a better definition and allow it to air dry. 

7. Protect your hair

Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. You can also wear a scarf over your hair so that it doesn’t get frizzy or tangled. If your hair is not too dirty, you can wash your hair two or three times a week so that it won’t dry out.

8. Remove Split Ends

Set an appointment to trim your hair regularly. Ensure that all split ends are routinely removed to maintain the integrity of your hair.

9. Choose Products that Suit You

Pick a shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair type. If you have an oily scalp, select a clarifying shampoo. For frizzy hair, go with a deep conditioning mask conditioner or a hydrating shampoo. 

10. Invest in Hair Treatments

Hair treatments go a long way. You can even choose hair styling or colouring that will protect and treat your hair simultaneously. 

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