Hair Trends You Need To Know

Was there even a hair trend in 2020? Some of us haven’t visited a hair salon for so long that our hair doesn’t resemble any style as it has grown so out of shape! Well, take heart, here’s a chance to reset and restyle.

To find out what’s in trend, myeppo had a chat with R-Beaute’s education manager Brandon Chu.

“Let’s talk about this new generation that’s so taken up with social media. As it is, people are already obsessed with selfies. Given this pandemic and how we were forced to stay home, digital narcissism has become even more intense,” says Chu who has 18 years of experience as a hairstylist.

Granted that people had to stay indoors during the lockdown, you probably had to rely on social media a lot more. If you were on zoom calls or digital gatherings, your new BFF was probably your own thumbnail reflection staring back at you.

“Now, it’s not just about showing off your new hairstyle to people you meet face-to-face, it’s also about looking good for the camera. From staged self-portraits to the casual ‘look at what I’m doing now’ poses, people are hungry for exposure.”      

This means the hairstylist have to take into account styles that look flattering on phone screens too. Long hair that flows effortlessly, waves that don’t look permed to perfection, a nod to retro – all these and more spell this season’s styles. 

Purposeful Roots 

Roots are fine, desirable even and shouldn’t be hidden away. Give it a bit of bounce and pizzazz, and after you’ve seen what a difference a bit of lift makes, you’ll never let your hair go flat again. 

Photo by R Beaute Education

Crimped Waves 

After all this while, we’re still creating waves – those that were definitely created by a curling iron but do not look like they were purposefully designed by one. After spending a fortune on hair straightening, the curls slowly sneak back with the slightest rebellious streak. This is that kind of wave and yes, people pay good money to achieve this look! 

Photo by Fiole

Sixties style

The 1960s was a time of revolution and reinvention, so 2021 will be a chance to make good on your hairstyle too. Expect hair to be less crisped with hairspray, more geometric and all around more fun. Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen’s Gambit shows you how to do it right. 

Photo by Kevin Murphy

Baby bangs

You’ve heard of Korean air bangs, now here’s baby on the bandwagon! A long bob with extraordinarily light texture is framed by this season’s must-have – baby bangs – long, loose and feathered at the ends to add movement and freshness to the look. This soft side swept approach look like you woke up on a good hair day, every day. 

Photo by Montibello

Blunt Ends

Maybe we’ve been cutting our own hair for too long. But there’s something to be said about precision ends that bluntly stops. Even hairstylists like famed Kahh Spence finds this appealing so something must be right!

Photo by Montibello

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