Steal Their Look: EXO Hairstyles in ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’ MV

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EXO’s ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ newest music video screams summer bop, and I’m pretty sure EXO- L fandom are getting their boogie on and excited about their comeback. 

The official music video was released on SMTOWN YouTube Channel on June 7, and it’s already garnered close to 40 million views. This marks the group’s official comeback since November 2019, along with a five-track special album that carries the same name as the title track.

There is more to it! Don’t Fight The Feeling is a welcome back party for two EXO members, Xiumin and D.O., who have completed their mandatory military service, and Lay re-joined after last participating in Exo’s ‘Don’t Mess Up My Tempo’ album in 2018.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun has gone on hiatus, as they enlisted in the military after taking part in the album preparation. 

Most significantly, the boys all sport a fresh new haircut that the EXO-L have declared their love for. In fact, we are sure the namja fans are already planning to change their hairstyles to become like Kai, Chanyeol, D.O., Sehun Baekhyun, Xiumin and Lay.

Orange is the New Black

Kai always surprises us with something new every comeback. He has done experimental hairstyles before but from what I heard from the fans, it’s the first time he has dyed it orange. Well, I can’t deny he looks hot and cute at the same time. 

Kai. Photos by SMTOWN.

Slick Back Hair

Nothing can possibly go wrong with slicked back hair as it’s suitable for formal or even casual wear. All you need is pomade, and you can achieve Sehun’s look, which I’m sure will make your girlfriend or wife go cray cray (in a good way).

Sehun. Photos by SMTOWN.

Undercut Hair

With his signature undercut hairstyle, Lay always rises to the occasion. From my observation, The EXO-L agrees that he looks good no matter how he styles it.

Lay. Photos by SMTOWN.

Grey Silverish Hair

Chanyeol’s grey hair is superior, and the undercut makes it even more outstanding. The second member to sport bright hair dye in Don’t Fight The Feeling, the fans love the result.

Chanyeol. Photos by SMTOWN.

Curtain Cut

Our lead vocalist, Baekhyun, is having a curtain cut moment, and it won’t even go out of place after doing that spin in the video. His hair evolution has been full of pastel and colours, and his black hair this time marks a significant, exciting difference. 

Baekhyun. Photos by SMTOWN.

Comma Hair

The first guy to start singing in the music video, D.O. captures your heart with his comma hairstyle. Always with his favourite colour, you would rarely see him colouring his hair, except in videos Ko Ko Bop and Growl.

D.O. Photos by SMTOWN.

Parted Bangs

With parted bangs and a single strand of hair, Xiumin makes the whole look perfect. But the fans are more excited about his mullet hair, and now I know why his hair on the back is a bit long, it’s to serve EXO-L with reminiscences of Minseok’s era. 

Xiumin. Photos by SMTOWN.

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