Chocolate Addiction is REAL

No doubt chocolates are usually the most go-to gifts. Well, who doesn’t like chocolate? I bet no human in the world would say otherwise (unless you are allergic to it).
So when it comes to chocolate, we say YES to it all the time even when it comes to gifting. Not denying the fact that the chocolate addiction is real, everyone feels euphoric and excited with just a glimpse of chocolate 😍. So, why not go for the most tasteful looking Chocolate INSPIRED beauty products and save some calories!

Let’s get started! We have something prepared for the Eyes, Nose and Lips! So brace yourself, chocolate addiction is about to get real.

First of all, for the eyes. This year Etude House is back with another delicious collaboration with Hershey’s Kisses! Introducing the new Etude House x Hershey’s Kisses Eyeshadow Palette featuring three different shades inspired from the conical-shaped chocolate’s popular flavours of Milk Chocolate, Almond Chocolate and Special Dark. On top of their cute packaging, it comes with the evergreen chocolatey scent!

Etude x Hershey Kisses Palette at RM107
IG: @etudemalaysia
Buy here: Etude Official Site

Next, for the nose. It is time to indulge into aromatherapy at home especially when we are all stuck at home during this pandemic. There’s an array of benefits when it comes to aromatherapy, it is said to:

  • Improve sleep quality,
  • Reduce stress, agitation and anxiety,
  • Boost immunity

What’s not to like about smelling like chocolate all the time?

Bath and Body Works, Chocolate Peppermint Cream Fragrance, 24ml RM42.00
Buy here: Bath & Body Works

Yankees Candle, Chocolate Candle Egg, 22oz at RM129
IG: @yankeecandle
Buy here: Purely Fragrances

Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Body Spray, 200ml at RM150
IG: @malaysia.lush
Buy here: Lush Official Site

Last but certainly not least, lips. Make sure your lips are tasty, as if you had “Chocolate for Breakfast” with Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip and “Haute Cocoa” in bed with Bobbi Brown.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in the shade of Chocolate for Breakfast, 3.5ml at RM105.50
IG: @beautybakeriemakeup

Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip in the shade of Haute Cocoa, 5ml at RM95
IG: @bobbibrown
Buy here: Bobbi Brown Official Site

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