Everything You need to Know about Eyelash Extensions

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Some people are just naturally blessed with lovely, long eyelashes while the rest of us have to apply mascara or falsies to highlight our peepers.

If the thought of waking up with beautiful, full lashes every morning appeals to you, then you’re a candidate for eyelash extensions.

Eyelash salon owner Joanne Teo gives myeppo the lash low down:

  1. Why choose eyelash extensions?
    They give your eyes better definition by perking up the eyes, make them appear larger and more alert.
  1. What are the lashes made of? 
    Synthetic mink, a type of polyester (polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)). These are painstakingly glued on by hand to your natural lash with a special adhesive called cyanoacrylate. The salon should use quality adhesive otherwise you might encounter problems such as eye redness or irritation, itchiness or even swollen eyelids if poor grade adhesive is used.
  1. What look should I go for?
    The type of lashes you get depends on the outcome you want and what suits your face. Most women prefer a more natural look though some may opt for drama with long, curly extensions for special occasions. Your lash specialist should be able to make the right recommendations.
  1. How long will the extensions last?
    Anything from two weeks up to a month, till they fall off naturally like real lashes, depending on how you take care of them. Normal lash cycle is about 28 days. If you swim or wash your face vigorously with oil-based products, the extensions may fall off faster.  
  1. How long does the application process take?
    About two hours. Firstly, your lashes are washed and blow dried. The lash artiste will then prepare your lashes by taping your lids and start sticking on the synthetic lashes, one by one, to your natural lash. Ensure that your specialist washes her hands between clients, wears a mask and sanitary pillow covers are used. Do show up for your appointment with clean skin sans eye make-up.
  1. How to take care of lash extensions?
    Comb the new lashes every day with a clean spoolie brush to untangle them. If you use eye make-up, use oil-free products to remove them. The use of mascara is not encouraged as removal may damage your extensions. Avoid rubbing or tugging at your eyes but if you really must, be super gentle.
Application process. Photos courtesy of Lashing, The Lash Atelier
Application process. Photos courtesy of Lashing, The Lash Atelier
  1. How much do they cost?
    Depending on the salon and the kind of lashes you choose, it can range from RM180 to RM500.
  1. Which salon should you choose?
    Get recommendations from friends and check reviews. Cleanliness is key and your comfort comes first. Ask about the type of lash adhesive that they use. Avoid the place if they say it contains formaldehyde, a known eye irritant. 

A professional job should feel light and natural; the lashes shouldn’t clump together or compromise your own lashes. Lash extensions can be high maintenance and addictive even, but it’s worth the splash!