How To Let Your Makeup Breathe

Most Asian women wear makeup for at least five times a week and for over  10 hours a day. Because of wearing makeup for long hours, women are worried that these makeup  products may not be good for their skin. 

Fret not, as the Perfecting Makeup Line by Sulwhasoo is  formulated to properly address such areas of concern by keeping the skin refreshed, comfortable with flawless coverage all day long.  

On top of its best-selling Perfecting Cushion EX, Sulwhasoo is introducing an extension to its  Perfecting Makeup line, which is Perfecting Foundation and Perfecting Powder makeup base.  

Inspired by hanji, a type of Korean paper that lasts a thousand years, Sulwhasoo has combined its air permeable makeup technology and its skincare formulas for a breathable and comfortable wear, keeping skin healthy and radiant.

The Perfecting Foundation comes in a fluid  texture that addresses skin imperfections and uneven skin tone, instantly giving women the ideal  complexion. It gives a long-wearing makeup effect that lasts up  to 12 hours long.

The Sulwhasoo Perfecting Foundation
The Sulwhasoo Perfecting Foundation

Perfecting Powder, a powder compact, retains moisture and is formulated with squalene – a plant-based moisturizer that gives skin  resilience and radiance. It naturally corrects  the skin tone and smoothes skin without excess powder between skin’s fine lines and pores that may  give out the cakey effect.

The Sulwhasoo Perfecting Powder
The Sulwhasoo Perfecting Powder

“Sulwhasoo Perfecting Foundation has a lightweight texture which gives flawless finishing and breathable wear, with makeup technology inspired by traditional hanji paper combined with a unique skincare hybrid formula. It helps to deliver comfort to the skin without feelings of tightness, keeping it looking healthy and beautiful,” said Assistant Training Manager of Sulwhasoo Malaysia, Jo Chow.

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