Chelsia Ng Shows How to do Sempoi Makeup

As a beauty brand, Holika Holika features products that are unique and in eye-catching packaging to appeal to young, style-conscious consumers, both female and male. Holika Holika derives from the English suffix “-holic” and it means addiction.

In the accompanying video, actress-singer Chelsia Ng shows you a “sempoi” or what we call easy-going makeup tutorial with Holika Holika products to create a smokey look. This is evidently her favourite makeup style.

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She started by building up the base with Holi Pop BB Cream (Glow). Then, she dabbed her skin lightly with Puri Powder Powder to make the skin appear softer and brighter. 

The Penang-born beauty uses her finger to achieve that smokey but natural finishing with Piece Matching Shadow Palette in shade 01 Red Velvet. The palette comes in four different pigmented shades and three different textures – matte, shimmer and glitter – to create a different eye look.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted makeup tutorial, watch this video!

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