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#5 myeppo talks to…. ADELYN KONG

As the senior marcom manager of Bell & Ross Malaysia, Adelyn Kong leads a hectic work schedule. She is also mother of three young children and yet finds time to take on self-improvement classes, including learning the Japanese language and soon, Chinese calligraphy. How does she do it all?

How have you adapted to life in the new normal?

The new normal is now my current norm. I love staying at home as I don’t really feel comfortable going out with three young children. I opt for online classes for my children whenever I can and I must say I save on time shuffling my children to classes on weekend. As such, I have more time to do online learning myself.

What has been the biggest lesson learnt during the pandemic?

Work wise, the pandemic helped me to see how I can perform when working from home (WFH). To a certain extent, it’s proven more efficient than working in the office as I do not lose time to commuting and braving traffic jams. Meetings that are conducted online are equally eventful. 

The loss of human touch is not depressing for me but I do treasure every single meeting that I manage to schedule from thereon. I have also learnt how to juggle with WFH, cooking for my family and coaching my children their lessons. The key is to have a time table! As such, we don’t get carried away with one task and forget about the other. And do not forget to factor in relax time, be it sports or TV. We all need to relax our mind and soul. 

How do you achieve a work-life balance?

It is not rocket science for me. I must admit that WFH made me want to clock in longer hours but I do have a time table to switch hats. If I may offer a tip to achieving a work-life balance, it is to have good discipline. No staying up till late and do wake up earlier. As such, you will have extra hours awake and able to do more in any given day. 

What is your beauty routine like? 

For me, cleansing my face is of utmost important. As long as I have clean skin, I can work and function the whole day. 

What are your must-have products?

Skin Essence from Korean brand Atomy, sunblock from Cle de Peau, Laneige Sleeping Mask, BB Gel Cream from KATE, fragrance from Jo Malone.

Away from work, what forms of wellness do you indulge in?

I started morning walk during RMCO and stopped when MCO 2.0 kicked in. Now, I am attending lyrical dance class at The Dance Pulse and planning to pick up yoga with sound healing at Ohana Jo. 

What are your goals for the rest of 2021?

I want to be able to do smoother lyrical dance. I want to brush up on my conversational Japanese after studying the language for three years. To do so, I have to watch more Japanese dramas and speak Japanese more. Finally, if time permits, I hope to learn Chinese calligraphy. It is an art that slows me down and I hope to apply the same foundation of Chinese writing onto Japanese calligraphy too.

Myeppo Talks To… is a weekly series in which we profile dynamic personalities. It is out every Monday. For more on Adelyn, follow her @watch_my.girl on Instagram.

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