Raya Postcard: myeppo x Alyia Bubbles

When Alyia started being a freelance illustrator in October 2017, deep down inside, she knew she wanted to have a career as a creative person. Hence, that’s when she created a character called Alyia Bubbles to warm everyone’s heart with her bubbly nature.

What’s the inspiration behind the #myepporaya postcard design?

It is inspired by the new normal of today. In some cases, parents and children aren’t able to visit each other due to restrictions, so technology is their best friend. Making video calls has been the best way to see each other. Showing off baju Raya, food and home decor during Raya is what I did last year too. So I portray it from the caller’s view so that you can see the overall situation.

myeppo x Alyia Hari Raya postcard
myeppo x Alyia Hari Raya postcard

What was the creative process like?

I did three sketches with the guidelines given to see which one fits the most, and I picked the colour palette to suit the illustration’s mood. Then, I started outlining, filling it with colours from the palette that I have chosen and did some detailing for the characters’ makeup, clothes pattern, and highlight and shadows. Lastly, I picked a suitable caption to put in the conversation bubble as a finishing touch.

Alyia's self portrait
Alyia’s self portrait

During olden times, sending a card during Raya was a thing. Did you get a chance to experience those moments?

Sending Raya greetings cards was one of the highlights for Raya back in the days. I used to send a lot of cards and received them as well. I remembered my friends would even include 10 cents with the card as “duit Raya”. I do miss those moments!

What does Raya mean to you?

Gathering and celebrating. It is the only time I get to see my family, especially my cousins. I feel so happy every time I get to see them. 

What’s your fondest Raya memory?

Sending and receiving Raya greeting cards from friends and family when I was in primary school. Another is when my cousins from Sabah and Sarawak celebrate Raya in Peninsular because I rarely see them. And travelling to our Penang hometown in a car with my family.

What’s your beauty routine like during Raya?

The night before Raya, I would usually pamper my skin with a sheet mask, exfoliate my body and do some self manicure and pedicure as well! I also make sure that I sleep enough because I will be waking up early the next day.How to grab these awesome #myeppo raya postcards?

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