Calming Serum (30ml)


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Calming Serum intensively soothes the skin. This serum helps reduce irritations and stress related redness, while strengthening skin’s natural protective barrier. Calming Serum helps to improve the skin’s irritation threshold and makes it react less sensitively and aids in protecting against premature environmental skin aging.

Key Features

  • Power Peptide helps skin’s natural rejuvenation process, and helps combat against environmental factors.
  • The INTENSE CALM Extract in combination with allantoin and panthenol reduces unpleasant feelings of tension, irritation and redness induced by stress. This causes the protective skin barrier to appear strengthened and the skin’s susceptibility to irritants is reduced.
  • Additionally, the EpigenTech power peptide provides epigenetic ageing prevention and strengthens the cells.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin

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