Mild Deep Cleansing Oil (240ml)


A gentle oil cleanser that can get deep into pores due to the unique molecular makeup of its oil molecules. Particularly effective at clearing blackheads and minimising the appearance of pores.


This cleansing oil contains a unique signature blend of 6 fermented oils to deeply cleanse and remove stubborn makeup. Using bio-emulsification technology, these fermented oils are made up of finer and lighter oil particles that can penetrate deeper into pores to clean away sebum. The smaller oil particles are also excellent in emulsifying, making it effective against even the most stubborn waterproof makeup while being gentle and non-stripping on the skin. This enables a deep but gentle clean with a lighter, more watery texture than normal oil cleansers.

The finer oil molecules make this cleanser particularly effective at addressing blackheads and minimising the appearance of pores.

Suitable for sensitive skin.


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