Pantherecipe Cream Mini (15ml)


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A mini version of the Pestlo Pantherecipe Cream.


Formulated with one specific goal in mind – to moisturise the skin – this Pantherecipe Cream combines a proprietary ratio of ceramides and panthenol to perfectly balance the moisturisation effects while maintaining long-lasting hydration.

Key Features

  • This cream was designed and formulated to focus primarily and intently on moisturising and providing long-lasting hydrating to the skin
  • Using a small ingredient list of only 16 ingredients, this cream contains only the most effective ingredients necessary for skin hydration
  • All 16 ingredients are EWG Green Grade certified
  • Active ingredients of panthenol and ceramide, in a proprietary ratio for optimum skin hydration and moisturization benefits
  • Clinically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin due to the mild nature of its EWG-certified ingredients

Additional information

Key Ingredients



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