Correct Ways to Cleanse Your Face

Pexels Sora Shimazaki

Many have the misconception that cleansing steps in a beauty regime is not as important or as glamorous but in fact, it fundamentally sets a fresh canvas which is a necessary step to reap the benefits of all that skin care goodness you layer after. 

A proper cleansing regime should start with a good make-up remover (oil based) followed by a milk cleanser (emollient based) and then a double cleanse (foamy). These grime-eliminator, makeup-melting cleansers have been meticulously formulated with hydrating properties leaving skin refreshingly clean without over-stripping the skin. 

Camelia 1500x1000
The Camellia known for restorative properties thanks to its many virtues.

The basic cleansing range in Bernard Cassière Paris is among the oldest formula, catering to several skin types, hence Bernard Cassière sets out to revamp their entire cleansing range starting from their Milk and Lotion or better known as Cleansing Milk and Toning Lotions. 

Taking into consideration the current trends, the revamp of the entire cleansing range will not be made according to skin types but according to the galenics i.e. the form/texture that cosmetic products are in: gel, emulsion, cream, lotion, powder or liquid. This is specifically popular these days as customers would have their preference on a particular texture of the products. 

With that in mind and using the star ingredient from the flower of Tsubaki, the Japanese Camellia, the cleansing range is born. The Milk, The Lotion, The Water, The Gentle Toner and The Fresh Toner. 

The Camellia extract is specifically selected because for their restorative properties thanks to its many virtues: antioxidant, soothing, refreshing, emollient and event astringent. It is rich in phenolic compounds, oligo and poly saccharides, amino acids, proteins and minerals. 

Bernard Cassière Paris is available in selected beauty salons in Malaysia. For more details, visit www.bcparis.com.