How to Free Your Skin

A means to rediscover and fall back in love with yourself. To #freeyourskin ultimately means that you can break free from anything that inhibits your personal growth such as biases, prejudice, and discrimination. 

B&B Labs is driven to transcend your complexion so you can truly express yourself and #freeyourskin from dryness. Here’s introducing Meso-Moist Treatment Essence. Quench thirsty skin instantly with a revitalizing serum-like essence that plumps and firms skin with intense hydration so that it feels softer, smoother and more supple. 

The powerful trio of Asian-derived ingredients – highly prized Chinese white jelly mushroom, Malaysian bird’s nest and Japanese natto’s functional extracts work optimally to boost skin’s moisture binding capacity. Experience 500% more hydration than regular hyaluronic acid to effectively smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and seal in moisture.

More than just a catchy tagline, #FreeYourSkin is a movement. It’s about changing your skincare routine to one that’s holistic, thus freeing your skin from complexion-related issues. And B&B Labs is going to help you in three ways.

B&B Labs only uses clean Asian ingredients. They strive to produce clean skincare in that their formulas are clearly labelled and free from harsh or damaging ingredients. All of the skincare formulations are backed by skin experts and endorsed by dermatologists – skin doctors who are medical experts in their field. And finally, certified skin aestheticians.

B&B Labs recognises that life can be, in fact it has been, rather stressful. And that’s why all of their formulas are convenient and time-saving. Forget needing to slap on 10-15 products twice a day. Who has time for that? Plus, your skin can only absorb so much. 

So give it what it needs and see a tangible difference for yourself. In addition, this makes choosing B&B Labs the wallet-friendly option. The ground-breaking ‘Moist Power Complex’ penetrates different layers of the skin to lock and seal in moisture, providing a powerful multi-layer hydration effect. 

By multiplying the level of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs), skin’s moisture retention and elasticity is dramatically improved. Benefits include smoother skin texture, improved skin hydration and lessened fine line. 

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