K-Pop Idols Love using Sheet Mask. It’s What Your Skin Needs Right Now

Photo by Mnet & SM Entertainment

The weather these days is on fire, literally, and we will experience the southwest monsoon until mid-September. So, a cooling sheet mask for 14 days straight seems like a great idea for scorching days. As it turns out, our favourite K-pop idols are doing the same!

Yeri from Red Velvet relaxing with a sheet mask.

Joshua from Seventeen

In an Allure article, one of the members from Seventeen, Joshua revealed that he always keep sheet masks close to him. After a long day, he usually reaches for it in the mini-fridge he has in his room, and the effect is positively infectious.

“When one member puts one on, others often follow and put one on too,” mentioned Jeonghan. Imagine all 13 members enjoying their cool sheet masks in a room after performing – hard work paid off!

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The sheet mask box contains seven sheet masks from Holika Holika’s Pure Essence Range — Cucumber, Rose, Green Tea, Shea Butter, Pearl, Charcoal and Rice.

Pure Essence Mask Sheet
Pure Essence Sheet Masks
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Minnie from (G)I-DLE

In the 2019 (G)I-DLE interview, Minnie, one of the (G)I-DLE members, stocked up 30 sheet masks at once and did sheet masking every day for a month. This method is called 1일 1팩, which means “one day, one pack” to get the clearest, dewiest skin possible before a big performance.

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Skin Rescuer Sheet Mask
Skin Rescuer Sheet Masks
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Tzuyu from Twice

A few years ago, Tzuyu revealed she likes layering sheet masks so her skin would absorb all the benefits of the different types of masks. But, instead of two sheet masks, she uses a silicone mask on top of the regular one. She will look like a cuter version of the Phantom Of The Opera!

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Pure Essence + Skin Rescuer Sheet Mask Box
Pure Essence + Skin Rescuer Sheet Mask Box
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So, there you have it! It’s time to treat yourself with a sheet mask daily because you deserve it. 

The Pure Essence Box will provide you with all the hydration that you need for your skin. Additionally, all the masks inside the Skin Rescuer Box contain active ingredients that offer customised solutions to your skin problems.

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