Lockdown Beauty Secrets Revealed by BABOR Expert

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If you’re stuck at home during this lockdown and in dire need of beauty tricks, do not fret. We have the perfect skincare routine for you to practice at home, courtesy of BABOR.

The brand’s head spa educator/trainer Minie Toh even demonstrates how to use BABOR’s Expert Method techniques from the comfort of your home. Watch this video for a step-by-step guide.

Video and editing: Aqalili Azizan

Minie, who has been with BABOR for four years, answers our beauty queries in the following Q&A….

How were you inspired to get into the beauty industry?

It happened when I was a kid. My mum would always apply her skincare and make-up on a regular basis … and guess what, it was my first exposure to beauty. Early in my career, I became a make-up artist so that helped me to have a deeper understanding about beauty. 

By working in the cosmetic industry, I carried out daily operational tasks such as sales and promoting products to customers. I also gained the skill to liaise with people which proved to be useful for me later in life. In addition to the daily task, I was provided training by the company trainer. I was amazed by her style … that was when I decided to become a trainer.

What are your responsibilities as BABOR head spa educator/trainer?

I am responsible for all BABOR product and treatment training, to ensure the standard and quality from the salons and beauticians. Such training includes certified beautician through examination, physical and virtual training, how to hands-on on treatment skill and others.

Because of the MCO, beauty salons are closed. In terms of work, how have you adapted to this? 

Thanks to the online training approach from BABOR Germany a few years back, I am familiar with online teaching method. It brings limited disruption to me where I have no issue to conduct my training even during a pandemic. During this pandemic, I have been doing a lot of webinars, live host, workshops via Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Personally, which is your most favourite BABOR product?

It is hard for me to choose among all the BABOR products, but if I had to choose one, I would say it is HSR Lifting Eye Cream. I started to use this eye cream since I first came to know about BABOR. Now in my 40s, I don’t even see any wrinkles around my eyes.

BABOR HSR Lifting Set
BABOR HSR Lifting Set
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What are the BABOR brand values that you treasure most?

It is the BABOR DNA – science, precision, results and made in Germany. 

Science is a process of making continuous improvement. Precision is how BABOR treats their product seriously and comes with the perfect results. Everything has been made in Germany and there is quality assurance.

BABOR has a long, rich history. How do you explain the brand to a new client?

If you have never heard of BABOR before, I believe you have heard of an ampoule. BABOR is the biggest ampoule manufacturer in the world. It has been producing 50 million ampoules per year, which is 200 ampoules per minute. We are also the no.1 professional skincare brand in Europe since 1956. Instead of the conversational beauty product, BABOR has a cosmeceutical category like the DOCTOR BABOR series, and we recently cooperated with an aesthetic clinic to have this crossover. We hope that will lift up BABOR’s image to another level.

Speaking of its ampoules, which is the bestseller in Malaysia? 

It is the Hydra Plus ampoule which provides an instant hydrated effect that is 10 times more effective than a hydration mask.

BABOR Hydra Plus Ampoule
BABOR Hydra Plus Ampoule
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What sets BABOR ampoules apart from the rest?

The concentrate in the ampoules is designed to act quickly. That is achieved by selecting special molecules or intelligent carrier systems. For example, we use encapsulated oxygen or peptides that are tailored exactly to requirements. That means we can address specific cells, e.g. cells that produce collagen, and plump up the skin from the inside, with speedy results. The composition of the ingredients is designed exactly for one application to the face, neck and décolleté.

What is your beauty routine for day and night? 

Cleansing is a very important part for me in the morning and night. To start off my morning, I use DOCTOR BABOR detox lipo cleanser, then tone and refresh the skin with Rose Toning Essence. Next, I ensure my skin glows during the daytime by using DOCTOR BABOR PRO serum which contains 20% stabilise Vit C. I can’t miss out on my HSR Lifting eye cream in my skincare routine since the results are so amazing. The following step is the SKINOVAGE Balancing Cream to keep my skin hydrated all day long. 

Don’t forget sun care to protect the skin during the day even though you are not going outside. We are exposed to blue light even while you are using digital devices. DOCTOR BABOR Protecting Balm SPF 50 not only protects my skin against UVA&B, but it protects the skin from the blue light, IR and pollution. 

In the evening, I tend to spend more time pampering my skin. I love to use BABOR HY-OL and Phytoactive Hydro Base to cleanse my skin.  For sure, I will prep my skin with the Rose Toning Essence. If I have more time, I will boost my skin with an ampoule; Perfect Glow is my favourite! My can’t-miss item, the HSR Lifting eye cream, is used after the ampoule. I like something more nourishing in the evening, so I use DOCTOR BABOR collagen booster cream, to give the skin moisture and for anti-ageing purpose as well!

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Minie Toh is passionate about her job as trainer of BABOR

The brand’s USP is its BABOR Expert Method. How does this benefit the skin?

The BABOR Expert Method is used in every BABOR treatment and is distinguished by experiences that are more than just skin deep.

Treatment according to The Expert Method supports the natural physiology of the skin. Effective circulation and metabolic elements stimulate natural skin functions, which are a prerequisite for healthy, vital skin.

The Expert Method is characterised by:

  • an incomparably intensive preparation of the skin with the application of several treatment steps.
  • a continuous interplay of warm and cool applications for deep-acting circulation enhancement.
  • the step-by-step supply of active ingredients tailored to the respective skin type with professional application techniques for sustainable results.

For a demonstration of The Expert Method by Minie, using products from BABOR’s Self Love Set, be sure to watch the accompanying video!

BABOR Self Love Set
BABOR Self Love Set
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