Super Tips to Prevent Maskne

In the new norm that we’re living in now, wearing a mask has become part of our routine. But over time, you will notice zits popping up significantly in the area covered by a mask, which we have now a term for: Maskne

What is maskne? Maskne is a condition where acne is caused by a face mask. Besides that, you will also experience redness, bumpiness and irritation. 

Few factors allow you to get acne:

  • Substances building up on your skin
  • Humidity trapped by the mask 
  • It can be caused by friction 
  • An allergic reaction caused by material of the mask
  • Poor hygiene

With all the problems that you encountered, you can treat them with these four tips: 

Keep your mask clean

Don’t reuse your single-use masks ever! If you’re using reusable ones, make sure to wash them daily with a laundry detergent. After you have your meal, make sure to wipe your mouth clean before putting back the mask. 

Wash your face regularly

In normal circumstances, we wash our face twice a day, and we should continue that by using a gentle cleanser. If things don’t go well, a cleanser that contains Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide should work wonders.

Use a good moisturiser

Keep your skin hydrated but make sure everything is absorbed into your skin. Another tip is to use a non-comedogenic product, as it doesn’t contain ingredients that will clog your pores. 

Put on less makeup

We know the good feeling after putting on a face full of makeup. But let’s be real here, heavy makeup is one of the reasons for clogging your pores. According to Dr Harth, if you insist on wearing makeup, you can choose a lighter foundation, preferably mineral-based products. 

If you have done your best but still getting a breakout, visit your nearest dermatologist to discuss your skin condition further. Most importantly, stay safe!

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