Want to Wake Up to more Soothed Skin? Try this Serum

No thanks to the pandemic, we all lead an increasingly stressful life.  And stress inevitably causes your skin to have various issues.

Nothing resets like nature … so here’s introducing L’Occitane’s new and improved Immortelle Reset Oil-In Serum with 20% more concentration of the Immortelle sap-like extract for glowing, rested and soothed skin.

With Immortelle Reset, you no longer have to stress about your skin so you can focus on being your best self! In just one night, you can wake up to more rested skin with this serum. It aims to activate your skin cells and boosts glow from within to give users smoother skin within just seven days.

The extract is captured using NaDES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents) technology. The green, “new generation” solvent is inspired by nature and just like a plant’s sap, it is capable of capturing the different types of compounds from within the plant.

In the heart of the Immortelle, there are different types of molecules (water and oil-soluble molecules) which normally get separated in a conventional extraction process. 

The product’s natural solvent allows it to capture both so that your skin can benefit from all the “solubles” instead of just one. The unique combination of molecules allows its Immortelle sap-like extract to help the skin soothe and recover from daily stress.

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