What is an Ampoule and Why is it so Effective?

When everyday products are no longer enough, ampoules are the special forces you need in your beauty routine. 

Ampoule concentrates are considered the best because they can instantly upgrade your skincare routine. That’s because its formulation is made for your skin to get maximum results! 

Let’s find out how this small vial can do great wonders for one’s skin.

What is an ampoule?

Basically, ampoules are little glass vials of super-charged serums divided out into daily doses. The liquid inside the vials absorbs into the skin very quickly. This works, thanks to intelligent carrier systems. 

Each 2ml ampoule contains a single dose of innovative active ingredients precisely balanced down to the milligram for an instantly noticeable effect.

What is the difference between an ampoule and a serum?

Serums contain highly concentrated active ingredients for daily skincare. Ampoules are the special forces in the beauty routine and are used when everyday products are no longer enough. 

Other than the concentration of the ingredient, ampoules are very similar to serums – just more potent. Some brands may use the two words interchangeably, but for the most part, ampoules contain more concentrated active ingredients. And they can be used to address an existing skincare routine by targeting specific problems.

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How do I open an ampoule vial?

To open an ampoule vial, all you need to do is snap the neck of the bottle. It’s so delicate that the neck can be easily broken off. Make sure to use facial tissue or the ampoule opener included in each pack.

Steps to open the ampoules

How to apply?

Instead of massaging it in, the ampoule should be pressed into the skin. Pour the liquid into your cupped hand and apply it one at a time with your fingertips. Once you’re done with that, gently press the rest of the concentrate into your skin.

Can I keep the ampoule when it’s open?

Since active ingredients are sealed, ampoules are made to use for a single application. This one small glass vial is enough to be used on the face, neck and décolletage. 

How are ampoules from BABOR different?

As Europe’s No.1 professional skincare brand, BABOR is also one of the largest producers of ampoules in the world. 

Manufactured with German precision in their in-house lab, BABOR ampoules are instant beautifiers for use at home, and are power packed to meet a wide range of skin needs. 

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The highly concentrated active fluids are individually portioned in luxurious glass ampoules to provide an exclusive skincare experience for every skin type and condition – with an immediate effect. BABOR ampoules achieve impressive results you can see and feel, and thanks to their hygienic individual packaging, no preservatives are needed.

Ampoules by BABOR are designed as an intensive seven-day treatment. The effects of an ampoule are visible after just a few moments. In seven days, you will notice impressive and visible results.

BABOR has designed the ampoules for various unique applications, from soothing and strengthening the skin, making it plump and firm to fight wrinkles. Indeed, BABOR does it all.

Because we all have different skin types, BABOR offers a wide range of ampoules to address varied skin concerns.

Perfect Glow, for instance, will assure that skin is intensely hydrated, while light-reflecting pigments lend it a radiant glow. With regular use, its ingredient PerfectionPeptide3 promotes natural skin renewal. Cocoa peptides trap free radicals, protect the skin against damage from blue light and thus prevent premature skin aging.

BABOR Perfect Glow Ampoule
RM250 at myeppo shop

Meanwhile, Stress Control features a multi-active Stress Resist Complex that regulates cortisol levels, helps relax facial features and reduces skin sensitivity.

BABOR Stress Control Ampoule
RM260 at myeppo shop

True to its name, Active Night is an overnight active concentrate for any skin in need of regeneration. Salix nigra bark extract and algae extracts activate skin cells in the deep sleep phase. It also contains precious truffle extracts.

BABOR Active Night Ampoule
RM300 at myeppo shop

Beauty Rescue is an active concentrate for stressed, weakened skin. The active ingredient Epocyl increases the skin’s own ability to store moisture and strengthens its natural barrier function.

BABOR Beauty Rescue Ampoule
RM260 at myeppo shop

Lift Express is an active concentrate that has an instant effect on fine lines and wrinkles. Red micro-algae extract and high-grade peptides visibly reduce the depth of lines as well as gravitational wrinkles.

BABOR Lift Express Ampoule
RM300 at myeppo shop

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