Key Benefits of Saltwater Pools

As MCO 2.0 is now lifted and vaccination is currently undergoing, we are all hopeful and eagerly waiting for the day to be able to travel! 

Be it a hotel, retreat or even a resort, a staycation is just what you need to unwind and recharge with some me-time tranquillity, particularly when it involves the luxury of a swimming pool.

While this all sounds exciting, majority of swimming pool-goers do not actually realise that chlorine tablets from the pool pose its challenges to the human body, especially on the hair, eyes and skin – which is why the option of Saltwater pools have become a distinguished feature in itself. 

As chlorine is still the globally-approved sanitiser when it comes to swimming pools, chlorine is needed in order to certify as safe for human usage. Saltwater pools are somewhat similar to the usual swimming pools in which that saltwater pools do produce chlorine; however, this chlorine derives from the salt itself.

To ensure that it is a pure chlorinated saltwater pool, a salt chlorinator is utilised to convert salt into chlorine gas which will dissolve into the water and becomes the chlorine that we know. With this chlorine being 100% natural, saltwater pools are gentler to our skin, eyes and hair (yay!). 

Because of its benefits, some hotels, resorts and even homeowners have opted for saltwater pools over chlorine tablet-based pools thanks to the skin-friendly factors and its natural ability to help one soothe their body while in the pool. Here are some Saltwater pool options for your consideration. 

Four Seasons Hotel 

With a saltwater pool like the Four Seasons, stress will immediately leave the body, escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and let the saltwater do its natural healing thing – relaxation is now on point!  

Ease the body and mind by the Four Seasons Hotel pool

The Gardens Hotel – A St Giles Signature Hotel

Apart from the fact that this hotel pool is a saltwater pool (the smell of chlorine begone if you’re sensitive to it!), you do not have to worry about kids disturbing the peace too much, as The Gardens Hotel has both an adult pool and a kids pool. 

The infinity pool at The Gardens Hotel

Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This majestic hotel in Jalan Sultan Ismail with a 1.2m -1.4m depth adult pool and 0.6m depth kids pool would be the ideal getaway. Like all saltwater pools, your mind can be at ease knowing your kids will not hurt their eyes in the water nor have their skin react poorly towards the chemicals. 

Whether it is a fun time with the family or alone, these are just several Saltwater pool options you can explore in the Klang Valley. Rest assured, most hotel and resort pools are concerned for the safety of their guests while adopting efficient products from established sources to continuously clean the water.

Most of the hotels mentioned actually installed an energy-saving filtration and sanitisation system by Waterco Malaysia,  a leading one-stop solution provider for safe and healthy water Environment Company and the only filtration company that obtained the Climate Care Certification. 

These filters and sanitisation system are important to preserve the cleanliness of the water, while balancing out the pH level of the salt and chlorine to keep the pool safe and hygienic as you swim.

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