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Millimom: We Care Because We Are Parents, Nourish Our Little One | Discover New Korea’s Organic Baby Skincare

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MilliMom : Millennial + Mothers

MilliMom is a compound word that express the moms of the millenial generation. The brand intends to serve a community of mothers who juggle work and motherhood.

“To bring back the happy memories of my childhood”

MilliMom Founder

The founder of MilliMom was born into a family that developed cosmetics for 3 generations and had a special childhood. As an adult, she found out that the biggest need of many mothers and fathers at the company was ‘cosmetics that can be safely applied to my baby with confidence,’ and this spurred the decision to make safe baby cosmetics.

MilliMom was started by gathering of moms and dads who develop the aesthetic cosmetic brand, TROIAREUKE. They embodied the high quality of aesthetic cosmetics and skin expertise in MilliMom skincare to help babies have healthier skin. Additionally, MilliMom have created MilliTime to encourage well balanced emotions to babies.

MilliTime: Baby Aesthetic Massage

MilliTime: Baby Aesthetic Massage

MilliMom created the baby massage tutorial called “MilliTime” that every parent can easily do in 5 minutes in order to give the first love that your baby will receive.

MilliMom believes that baby massage is the most efficient way to deliver love and strengthen bonds within the family. Our mothers and grandmothers gently caressed babies, soothing areas where they were uncomfortable.

MilliMom Products

MilliMom understands that babies have delicate skin and mothers-to-be have sensitive skin, so it’s important to treat that skin with extra care. The brand uses only safe and organic ingredients that are EWG verified. There won’t be any harsh or harmful ingredients in MilliMom’s products.

MilliMom Sprout Body Wash

Introducing our gel formulation body wash ideal for newborns, pregnant women, and individuals with very sensitive skin. This transparent and watery gel not only keeps skin moist post-shower with natural surfactants but also simplifies shower routines with its All-in-One properties. Its mild acidic wash with a pH of 5.48 is perfect for delicate baby skin, ensuring a gentle and nurturing bathing experience.

This body wash serves multiple purposes—it functions as both a body wash and a shampoo! It’s an excellent choice for babies, new mothers, and expectant individuals. Say hello to convenience, hydration, and skin-friendly care all in one bottle!

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MilliMom Sprout Body Wash
“While searching for the right wash for my baby, who has severe atopic dermatitis and fever, I discovered MilliMom. It’s amazing! Firstly, I love the scent; it’s delightful. No matter how many times I squeeze it, it creates a lot of foam, which my baby finds fascinating. I also appreciate how the moisture lasts for a long time after the bath.”

Review by Han****

MilliMom Sprout Body Lotion

Sprout Body Lotion is crafted as a gentle yet effective skincare solution, ideal for newborns, pregnant women, and individuals with sensitive skin. Its mild acidic pH of 5.34 & contains vita tree fruit extract which rich in essential minerals and vitamins A, K, E, C, and B are tailored for delicate baby skin, establishing a healthy skin barrier for use on both face and body. Additionally, it incorporates BSASM, an effective component for addressing atopic skin issues, along with seven soothing plant extracts.

After a shower or bath, generously apply this body lotion to your skin or your baby’s skin to retain moisture throughout the day. Its milky formula feels light and refreshing upon application, making it akin to a soothing massage to the baby’s skin, leaving no greasy or sticky residue.

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MilliMom Sprout Body Lotion
“MilliMom Sprout Lotion is my favorite product because it moisturizes just a little bit and absorbs smoothly.
Once you apply it, the subtle scent of buds is so good that it makes you sniff your baby all day.
When winter gets a bit drier, I plan to combine with the sprout lotion with oil & cream, but until then, I’ll just apply the lotion!”

Review by Lee****

MilliMom Sprout Soothing Serum

Sprout Soothing Serum has become a staple for many, especially for parents dealing with babies prone to sweating and heat rashes. Its effectiveness in soothing areas like the hairline and behind the ears has been widely acknowledged. With a mild acidic pH of 6.30, this serum is specifically designed for delicate baby skin, providing ideal relief and comfort around rash-prone areas.

This baby soothing serum can serves as light daily skin care for babies who don’t like stickiness as well.

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MilliMom Sprout Soothing Serum
“MilliMom’s Sprout Soothing Serum is truly effective! Most soothing gels tend to dry out after just one application, but this serum provides ample moisture, which I appreciate. It quickly calms irritated areas, like the red and rough skin around my baby’s mouth due to saliva and friction from blankets. When I combined MilliMom’s soothing serum with their sprout lotion, the improvement was remarkable and fast! I’m so grateful! The soothing serum and sprout lotion combination is truly the best. I trust MilliMom and plan to stick with their products for a long time.”

Review by Hwang****

MilliMom MilliTime Oil & Cream

Introducing MilliMom’s signature product: a dual-action vegan moisturizer enriched with golden ratio of 99.7% natural argan oil and highly moisturizing ceramide cream, delivering a double-moisturizing effect that deeply nourishes the skin. This product is certified for 100 hours moisturizing effect on skin. It’s an ideal choice for baby massage, addressing very dry skin concerns, and providing effective care for body, foot and even stretch marks. The hypoallergenic certified oil & cream formulation comes out evenly so that even sensitive skin can use it safely with no irritation.

This oil and cream combination is your go-to solution for hydrating and pampering your little one.

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MilliMom MilliTime Oil & Cream
“My 110 day old baby’s face was so red and dead skin cells were falling off. It hurt even more as mother to look at my baby like this. But after using the MilliMom Oil & Cream, my baby got so much better”

Review by Sh**

MilliMom Sprout Sun Stick

It’s hard to find a suncreen that is developed just for baby skin & Millimom understand the struggles of parents and hence developed this sun stick.

This Sun Stick featuring a robust SPF 50+/PA++++ for strong UV protection. Its milky oil base ensures a soft and smooth application, leaving a silky finish on the skin without white cast or stickiness. Infused with seven kinds of sprout extracts, this sun stick offers excellent moisturizing effects, keeping your baby’s delicate skin nourished and hydrated while shielding it from harmful sun rays. The packaging is also designed to ease the application process to both body and face of the babies.

Experience the perfect blend of sun protection, gentle application, and skin hydration with our sun stick, making it an essential addition to your baby’s skincare routine.

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MilliMom Sprout Sun Stick
“It’s really difficult to apply lotion because my son is very active, but MilliMom’s Sprout Sun Stick is convenient and great because it’s in a stick form so you can apply it quickly! There is no white cast and it applies smoothly for a refreshing feel.”

Review by Ry****

MilliMom Sprout Body Wash & Lotion Travel Kit

Travel Kit Set featuring two essential skincare products for newborns, pregnant women – MilliMom Sprout Body Wash & Shampoo and MilliMom Sprout Body Lotion. It’s an essential item for going out & millimom created the packaging to be a refillable airless pumping container where parents can refill the products in anytime.

MilliMom pouch is also provided exclusively with this travel kit so that i can be carried comfortably anywhere.

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MilliMom Sprout Body Wash & Lotion Travel Kit
“Body wash and lotion are essential when caring for children. But what makes this set even better is its convenient size, beautiful and luxurious design, and the included dedicated pouch. Let me tell you, now, I feel uneasy if I leave home without it. This travel kit has become a must-have items in my bag. What’s even more impressive is that this product is refillable and can be used continuously instead of being thrown away after use. Isn’t that awesome?”

Review by So****

Key Ingredients in MilliMom Products

Sprout Complex Extract

Composed of broccoli sprout extract, radish extract, cabbage extract, mustard seed extract and buckwheat seed extract. It contains four times more vitamin and mineral compared to fully-grown vegetables.

Artemisia Princeps Pampanini Extract

Contains a high amount of beta-carotene to improve damaged skin texture. It provides skin soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

SLB Complex

SLB Complex contains natural herbal extracts substantially improve atopic dermatitis. The herbal extracts include Saposhnikovia Divaricata Root Extract, Bupleurum Falcatum Root Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract. This herbal mix relieves itching and atopy-related symptoms.

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