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Are These RM80 NEEDLY Microneedle Patch Kits Worth Your Money? Here’s What Our Writer Thinks…

Are these microneedle patch kits worth the hype? Here’s our NEEDLY honest review.

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NEEDLY Microneedle Patch Kits myeppo

When I heard that myeppo would start selling these NEEDLY microneedle patch kits from Korea, I wasn’t really sure how to feel. They were quite pricey at RM80, and I’m usually quite sceptical about the effectiveness of patches.

But decided to give it a try and see if I could gain any results from the patches, and the outcomes surprised me.

Without further ado, let’s know about the four NEEDLY Microneedle Patch Kits—Anti-Trouble, Anti-Spot, Botoc Plus and Skin Renewal.

About NEEDLY Microneedle Patches

There are a few fun facts that you should know before delving into each product review. 

NEEDLY’s dissolving microneedle technology delivers large molecules of active ingredients deep into the skin. With the shape of the microneedle, the active ingredient delivery rate is 80% and above. It’s more than other microneedle patches in the market. 

To sum it up, below are some pointers that you should take into consideration regarding why NEEDLY microneedle patches are different from other brands:

  1. Patented Shape: Patented NEEDLY’s unique micro-structured shape allows the active ingredient to penetrate deep into the skin.
  2. Height Considering Transmission Rate:  It is designed to reduce skin irritation, increase comfort, and effectively deliver active substances above 80%.
  3. Consistent Microneedle Pitch: Carefully considered for complex skin concerns.
  4. Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle: For wrinkle reduction or face lifting effect, chemical adjustment (cross-linking) is needed to improve the duration of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) effects.

Apart from this technology explanation, the first impression when I hold the patches kits is that each of them plays a different role. If you have a specific concern, NEEDLY should have a patch that can provide a solution for it.

What’s Included in NEEDLY Microneedle Patch Kits

There are four NEEDLY Microneedle Patch Kits that are meant to target 4 specific problems:

  1. Anti-Trouble Get Rid of – for acne
  2. Botoc Plus Anti Wrinkle – for wrinkled and fine lines
  3. Skin Renewal – for anti-ageing and skin firming
  4. Anti-Spot – for dark spots and discolouration.

All NEEDLY Patch Kits contain three items in an aesthetic A5 NEEDLY envelope:

  1. 1 piece NEEDLY Pad First Clearing Toner Pad
  2. The patches themselves
  3. 1 sachet NEEDLY Ampoule Real Active Panthenol Plus

To use the kit, you are supposed to use the Clearing Toner Pad to wipe the area of the face where the patch is to be applied first. Then apply the patch, wait four hours (if used during the day) or overnight. Then remove the patch and use the ampoule essence over the spot to replenish hydration.

You can also use the NEEDLY Patches by themselves without the pad and the ampoule.

Now, let’s delve into the four NEEDLY Microneedle Patch kits.

NEEDLY Anti-Trouble Get Rid Of

NEEDLY Anti-Trouble Get Rid Of Patch Kit is for those who have acne-prone skin that wants to reduce further infection and let them heal fast.

This patch contains madecassoside to soothe and calm down angry pimples and reduce redness. While zinc lactate helps skin soothing and controls sebum.

But, since it’s microneedles, these ingredients are designed to penetrate deep into the skin. Whereas standard hydrocolloid pimple patches merely sit on the surface.

My thought is it does feel different from regular hydrocolloid pimple patches. There is a slightly tingly sensation when you first put them on a pimple, but it goes away after about 10 minutes. You can then see all the nasties on the patch itself after four hours. It might be uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it after a while.

The ampoule that you apply after you remove the patch also really helps to hydrate and soothe the skin. As it contains Panthenol, it can help to accelerate the healing of the acne wound and soothe any redness.

NEEDLY Botoc Plus Anti Wrinkle

Saw some wrinkles and fine lines on your eye or laugh lines? NEEDLY Botoc Plus Anti Wrinkle is made for you.

The microneedles of this patch contain Cross-linked Hyaluronic acid (CLHA), which hydrates and plumps skin for longer and can penetrate deep inside. At the same time, Acetyl Hexapeptide -8 (AHP-8) improves skin firmness and elasticity to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The results are taken after four hours using the NEEDLY Botoc Plus Anti Wrinkle patch.

I love to laugh, and recently I’m beginning to notice laugh lines developing on my face so I was really excited to try this one. I was a bit sceptical if it would reduce a few fine lines after only four hours but as you can see from the images there was actually a real, noticeable difference! NEEDLY recommends using the patches for seven days, and with results like these, I’m more than happy to.

The only drawback is that once I wear it, it restricts me from talking too much and obviously, I cannot laugh. 

But, it’s something that I’m happy to put up with for these results. I don’t mind putting it on in the morning, as long as I don’t have an important meeting since the patches themselves are pretty noticeable.

NEEDLY Skin Renewal

NEEDLY Skin Renewal Patch Kit is designed for those concerned with loss of skin elasticity and overall skin ageing, especially in the under-eye area.

Since the function of this patch is focused on skin firming, it contains ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid (HA) and EGF& FGF, which are high-quality and luxurious ingredients that prevent breakouts and support skin regeneration.

The function of this patch is skin firming and they stated you can see the differences after four hours. But, I feel like if I used it for three weeks, the results will be more visible and it can improve skin elasticity. If my skin snaps back quickly, it’s a good sign of hydration and elasticity.

I would advise using this at night, that’s where it feels more comfortable. Since during the night, our skin mode switches to “repair”, when sleeping our skin makes new collagen which prevents sagging. So, this patch is an added benefit to your beauty sleep. 

NEEDLY Anti Spot

NEEDLY anti-spot microneedle patch myeppo
NEEDLY anti-spot myeppo

If you have any concerns about blemishes, freckles, hyperpigmentation and dark spots, this patch is for you.

These mighty patches contain microneedles of Niacinamide that brightens and lightens dark spots while increasing hydration to stimulate collagen growth. Arbutin helps brighten and even out skin tone, inhibiting further melanin production in the dark spot area.

The results are taken after trying the NEEDLY Anti Spot for two days. With and without the three steps kit.

All of the patch kits are designed as a three-step solution, but they can also be used independently. So, I tried both ways. 

I started by wiping my face with the pad. Pro-tip: The pad contains so much essence that I could even use it on my neck and my body. After that, I stuck the patch onto my dark spots and gently pressed it for one to two minutes. After four hours, I took off the patch, washed the skin and applied the ampoule. 

While I’m not sure how effective the ampoule is at brightening dark spots, it helped my skin feel super hydrated after the patch. Again, I was a bit sceptical that these patches were going to work, but it turns out that after a few days of using it, you can see in the pictures that my dark spots have definitely brightened.

While using it, I felt a bit of a tingly sensation when I pressed it gently onto the area. It might be because of my skin’s first introduction to the microneedle patch. After a few patches, there is no more tingling sensation. 


So after testing these, Is it worth spending RM80 on either of these four NEEDLY Microneedle Patches? 

It’s 50-50 for me. I would definitely go for the NEEDLY Botoc Plus Anti Wrinkle and Anti Spot because I can see the differences. Plus, since I’d rather not get botox, it’s a great alternative to quickly combat problems with wrinkles and dark spots.

As for the Anti Trouble Get Rid Of patch kit, I’m happy to stick with my typical hydrocolloid patches for now. My main purpose with pimple patches is merely to put a physical barrier on the acne area so I won’t contaminate it when I keep touching my face. But if you are looking for an acne patch that can provide some treatment while protecting, then this may work for you.

I think it’s a great alternative that you can try because of NEEDLY microneedle technology itself. I like how it’s not just empty patches, it’s filled with many good ingredients, and the needle itself allows active ingredients to go deep into the skin.

Grab NEEDLY Microneedle Patch Kits Now at myeppo

If you want to try the patches, they are cruelty, fragrance and alcohol-free. Each of them passed Korean standards testing for low irritation and is suitable for sensitive skin.

At myeppo, we have tons of NEEDLY promotions that you can enjoy when you spend more than RM100!

  • Get 15% brand-wide 
  • Buy TWO for an additional 10% OFF 
  • FREE NINE pieces trial set*

Don’t forget to use this code “TRULYNEEDLY” at myeppo.com checkout to enjoy this offer!

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